Sticky: The Hidden Life of Organizations

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Dr Ariane David The Secret Life of Organizations

Where the Action Is

Every organization lives on two levels: the level of the things we see and that of things unseen.

The organizational life we see is made up of all of our daily involvements, including strategy, goods and services, customers, policies, performance management, visible parts of culture and much more.

This obvious life of the organization is where we put almost all of our attention, but for all the hoopla, it’s not where the real action is.

There’s a Secret Life to organizations.

It’s exciting, dynamic, and bursting with possibilities. Creativity, innovation, commitment and empowerment all happen here. Real and lasting change, when it happens, happens here first.

To understand the secret life is to understand the organization. Yet, for all its mighty potential, it’s almost always neglected and even consciously avoided.

The Veritas Group enhances your organizations ability to utilize and leverage the vital power of this hidden level.
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