The Veritas Group specializes in Human Dynamics Strategy in organizations. More specifically, we focus on surfacing and transforming the complex human behavior and interactions that stand in the way of successful performance, especially during change.

Most of the time when we think of change we think of massive disruptions to the status quo such as large technology changes, layoffs, restructuring, or just surviving a bad economy. But it’s the small changes that are always with you. Every time you try to improve performance or deal with conflict or develop a new strategy, you’re dealing with change. If you look at the last time you tried to put in one of these little changes, you’ll probably see that it wasn’t as successful or easy as you hoped. Large changes and small rely on human dynamics to be successful.


The Veritas Group focuses on consulting services that influence the human dynamics in organizations which lead to increased and sustainable personal and group productivity.Ariane David PhD Human Dynamics Strategy

» Human Dynamics Assessment (seeing into the hidden life of the organization)

» Human Dynamics Strategy development

» Change Strategy and Facilitation

» Leadership Development

» Team building

» Employee Engagement

If you have any questions about Our Consulting Services for your organization please feel free send me a note from our contact page or email me at ADavid[at]theveritasgroup.com.