ArianeDavidPhD Human Dynamics AssessmentAriane David is a highly sought after professional speaker for conferences, corporate events, internal training and workshops.

Her humorous and insightful style is down to earth and practical. Your audience will leave the event with clear, valuable knowledge, fresh insights and a new way of thinking.

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Ariane’s unique search and resolve method of corporate renewal has evolved through years of leading edge organizational work.

“My intent is to identify hidden problem areas within a company and help build the willingness to bring about organizational change. That is all I can ever do. Positive change is always an inside job.”

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There are two things that underlie everything that happens in an organization. They lie at the heart of every success, every failure, every innovation, sale, good idea, problem, and profit.

These two things are group dynamics and interpersonal skills. To the degree an organization has mastered these two elements it will be successful. To the degree it has not, it will fail.

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The Single Greatest Moment in Stanley Cup History

The Kings finished the greatest comeback in NHL playoff history because they changed the way they thought about success.

“The Single Greatest Moment in Stanley Cup History”