Human Dynamics Assessment

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Human Dynamics AssessmentsThere are two things that underlie everything that happens in an organization. They lie at the heart of every success, every failure, every innovation, sale, good idea, problem, and profit.

These two things are group dynamics and interpersonal skills. To the degree an organization has mastered these two elements it will be successful. To the degree it has not, it will fail.

Human dynamics underlie everything that happens in an organization. The degree to which leaders understand the human dynamics in their organization will determine their success or failure. read more


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Ariane David PhD Organizational Culture and Change

“Nothing ever changes around here.”

“We tried that, and it didn’t work.”

These are the familiar laments of those who have witnessed the seeming immutability of organizations. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to implement major non-technical organizational change, and nearly impossible to sustain it?

Organizational culture plays a pivotal role in change. While small organizational changes that fall within the pale of the existing culture can take hold (as long as things are perceived as improved and as long as nothing too fundamental changes), it is almost impossible to initiate substantial and sustainable change without a culture change to support it.

With intentional culture change, things in the organization DO change, and attempted changes that didn’t work in the past CAN work in the future. Planned culture change that focuses on the organization’s vision and mission can guide organizational change successfully towards a desired outcome. read more

Are You Being Heard: Speaking That Gets You What You Want

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How to Get Your Point Across and Be Heard

Ariane David will be speaking to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Santa Barbara and Venture County Chapter on Wednesday, September 14 at 11:30am. Non-members are welcome.

Are You Being Heard: Speaking That Gets You What You Want

In a study some years ago researchers found that on average the fear of public speaking was second only to the fear of death. You can’t do anything about death, but you can do something about speaking. By understanding what it takes to deliver a powerful presentation, whether to a hundred people or to one (who makes you incredibly nervous), you can start becoming comfortable with speaking. read more