A Special Thank You to Ron Supancic of The Law Collaborative

October 24th, 2013   •   2 comments   
Ron Supancic The Law Collaborative

Ron Supancic
The Law Collaborative

I invited Ron Supancic of The Law Collaborative to address my Conflict Management and Negotiation class of senior business students at CSUN. Who better than Ron to speak to them about collaborative solutions to conflict.

Ron’s talk, taken from his very successful workshop, focused on a very practical approach to negotiation including how to manage your anxiety, how to discover and understand the real bases of the conflict, communications skills, and dialoguing and dispute resolutions protocols. For me the best part was seeing how the students warmed to him and felt free to question and discuss.

Ron has built his practice around the idea that conflict is an opportunity for learning, insight, increased awareness, & enhanced consciousness. While he continues to practice family law, his unique approach to conflict resolution has opened the door to working with families in business, & small businesses interested in installing Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Workplace, and companies with employee conflict issues that need more information, skills, & instruction.

Thank you, Ron. You made a real difference to these students.

How to contact Ron:

Ronald Melin Supancic
Certified Family Law Specialist

The Law Collaborative, APC
21051 Warner Center Lane, Suite 100
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-6566

(888) 852-9961 (888) 852-9962

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  1. William Cummings says:

    Ariane & Ron – As a Dad who spent 3 years in Family Court , this was Excellent ! Many Mom’s & Dad’s seem sure the Court is Biased Against Them . Too much ‘ Victim ‘ is ‘ Fanned ‘ as many lawyers exploit these Fears & Anxieties .
    Lost in the Mix are the children . Everyone’s saying they’re doing ‘ This & That ‘ for the child’s welfare . Sadly many believe the other parent is a ‘ Bad Role Model ‘ . So preventing contact is Rationalized as ‘ Protection ‘ . 50% of our children is the other parents . When i ‘ Bad Mouth ‘ my ‘ Co – Parent (ie.- Not EX , which focuses me on $$$ and Negative Memories ) . I make 50% of my child wrong . ‘ Co – Parent ‘ reminds me , This Is Forever !!!

  2. Hank Yuloff says:

    I have known Ron for years. He is an incredible lawyer and a giving human being.

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