If you’ve ever asked,

“Why can’t we get things to change the way we want them to?”

you know what I’m talking about.

Ariane David PhD
Senior Founding Partner, The Veritas Group

Ariane’s unique search and resolve method of corporate renewal has evolved through decades of leading edge work with firms of all kinds including Mercury Insurance, Fredericks of Hollywood, Warner Bros., Amgen, Frito Lay, Geico, and scores of middle market companies across industries.

Ariane is a founding partner of the Veritas Group a consulting firm that began its work eighteen years ago in change management. Today the Veritas Group focuses on Organizational Development in all its aspects. Ariane is the developer of the Veritas Intelligence System for Team Assessment (VISTA) that gives managers the ability to “see” into the organization’s blind spots.

Ariane is a scholar practitioner and adjunct professor at California State University at Northridge, MBA and MPA programs.

Ariane has authored a number of publications on Critical Thinking, Conflict Transformation, Organizational Change, and Culture Development. Her entertaining lectures continue to captivate audiences both at home and abroad.

“My intent is to identify hidden problem areas within a company and help build the willingness to bring about organizational change. That is all I can ever do. Positive change is always an inside job.”

Ariane David holds a BS in Physics; MA in Organizational Development, and PhD in Human and Organizational Systems.